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Alumni Spotlight: Jillian Bundy

Jillian Bundy completed her undergraduate education, earning a BSEd in Special Education. Throughout her undergraduate career, Jillian has accomplished many things, educating herself both in and out of the classroom.

Jillian branched out as an entrepreneur, starting a non-profit organization named, Something Amazing. Her organization sets out to impact communities in need across the globe. The goal at Something Amazing is to bring access to quality education to communities in need, along with addressing social, medical and agricultural issues. Through her work, she seeks to empower others from around the world to instill love, hope, and aspiration into each person. Something Amazing helps make volunteering obtainable and affordable to anyone with a willing heart.

Jillian has traveled the world, including places such as South Africa, Malawi, and Europe. She plans to continue traveling and saving the world one life at time as she heads to teach in China.

Congrats, Jillian! We're so proud of you!


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