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Covenant Christian Ministries Academy is committed to providing academic excellence in an environment where Christian values and principles have preeminence. Our goal is to foster a culture where excellent teachers are provided an optimal work environment and students are equipped with every advantage making them competitive in today's global society. Realization of this goal is contingent upon erection of a new, state-of-the-art facility, providing staff with additional benefits and professional growth opportunities while expanding course offerings and extra-curricular programs.

There are three primary ways to support Covenant Christian Ministries Academy: the Annual Fund, the Walk for Education, and Retail Sale Purchase. Please connect to the links and prayerfully consider how you can help further the efforts to make Covenant Christian Ministries the best it can be.

Donation Categories:

  • Domestic & Foreign Education

To continuously educate students, both foreign and domestic. 

  • CCMA Annual Fund 

To continuously enable all areas of our education ministry to expand.

  • Walk For Education 

To enhance the benefits package for employees and supplement any additional educational needs for CCM Academy.

  • Academic Support 

To expand opportunity to attract and retain the best educational staff.

  • Georgia Christian Schools Scholarship Fund 

To help make Christian education more affordable by using funds you must spend anyway.

  • Athletic Support

To provide students the best facilities for the education of and participation in the practice of physical fitness.

  • Booster Club 

To continue to provide all athletic teams state-of-the-art facilities to train and compete with other teams.

  • Library Resources 

To provide our students, faculty, and staff a wide variety of research, study, and reading materials.

  • Technology Support 

To increase opportunity for our students, faculty, and staff to have access to the most current computer and internet technology.

  • Other 

To provide opportunities for educational field trips, character building retreats, and means to periodically sponsor scholarships.

Thank you in advance for your investment in the mission of equipping students for higher learning and guiding them to a productive life in society through acknowledgment of Christ first. Your gifts will make an eternal difference in the lives of the students of Covenant Christian Ministries Academy.


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