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Summer Required Reading  


Critical reading skills are fundamental building blocks of academic success. A student's ability to read carefully and to think about what was read is essential to success in college. Having a large and varied vocabulary will help each individual to better express himself. Building vocabulary is a valuable life skill. The best way to improve vocabulary is through reading. Required summer reading is a tool which enables each student to stretch and develop the necessary critical reading skills.

Select the link above that matches your grade level. Have a great summer and get a head start on your reading. Pacing yourself will allow ample time for completion of the required books. Remember, you can do it!!!

For those who desire more, click on the link that provides recommended reading for the college-bound student.




Parents, there are a number of ways you and your child can share the great books and enrich both of your reading experiences. Try picking a book to read together and discuss your opinions as you both read. Or choose a text like The Odyssey that lends itself to being read aloud, and take turns reading with your child. Listen to an audio recording of one of the classics while you're on a family trip. A great reader can bring these books to life for listeners of all ages and backgrounds. 





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